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Variety of Services

Gutter Cleaning - Includes cleaning of all gutters, valleys, downpipes (above ground only) and any leaf-catcher/tank filters that may be on the property.

Extra services include: Solar Panel Cleaning, Minor Tree-Trimming, Minor Repairs. See Services for details.

High Safety Standards

Roofs are dangerous, especially those in Queensland. We remain up-to-date with and adhere to current safety standards for working safely at heights. We are certified to work at heights and are fully insured. Temporary anchoring is setup on every job for the duration of the work.

Quality Focused

We have a holistic approach to our jobs; from the roof peak, valleys and downpipes to debris on the ground, all will be cleared of debris and cleaned up. This is included in every quote, no hidden costs. If there is anything amiss with your roof (ie. broken tiles, missing screws) we will provide photos and in most cases be able to make repairs.

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Do I need gutter guard?

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What We Do

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is a crucial part of maintaining not only your gutters but also the integrity of your roof. If you find you have leaks, the first thing to check is your gutters and valleys. If you are in a bushy area this is especially vital as gutters filled with dried leaves and sticks are a dangerous fire hazard.

Solar Panel Cleaning

It is recommended to have your solar panels cleaned every 12-24 months depending on where you live. This helps keep their efficiency up and ultimately reduces electricity costs.

Minor Tree-Trimming

Tree branches that are growing right over your roof can cause damage to the gutters and roof. They quickly block gutters and downpipes and provide a thoroughfare for possums. In some cases they can prevent easy access to the gutters themselves. We recommend having tree-trimming done before the gutter cleaning is carried out.

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